2017 National Mature Media Award WINNER

2017 National Mature Media Award WINNER
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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Baby Boomers are the youngest of the elder population group looking to make their daily living a little easier.  Fortunately there are many helpful devices available that are outside the medical related world of assistive and supportive devices. While some products may be new on the market and others have been around for a while, there is hardly an area untapped. These are just a sampling of what entrepreneurs are developing for this huge and growing demographic.  And you don’t have to be an elder to enjoy their usefulness!

For Food Preparation:

 Safe-T-element: Supports Safe Cooking on an electric stovetop!
Welcome a revolutionary new safety gadget for cooking created for electric stove users! This new Smart Burner will  help prevent cooking fires, save energy and provide superior cooking performance while providing an attractive design
Microwave Ring Dish Holder: Prevents spills and burns!
Avoid possible spills or burns when you remove a dish out of the microwave! This simple holder will help you safely remove your bowl or plate from  the microwave.
Americano Coffee Maker: Serving single cups of Coffee, Tea, or Expresso!
This is simpler than having multiple devices that each make a different drink! You can have a cup of coffee for yourself and a moment later be brewing tea for a friend. Fast and easy!

For Communicating
Jitterbug Cellphone: Basic, big buttons and easy to read!If you just want the basics including operator assistance, this is for you. Medication reminders, a live nurse hotline and wellness calls are optional extras.

Amplified Phone Ringer with Strobe Light: For hearing issues and alertness concerns
This device monitors your phone line and alerts you of an incoming call by amplified sound and blinking light. 

Memory Aids

Personal GPS Locator : Aid to remember!
Toss the breadcrumbs aside! This personal GPS locator will retrace your steps back to where you started and can store up to 5 locations.

PILL DISPENSER with Audio Visual and Cellular Capacity  For taking medicine on time!
These pill dispensers are basically cellular connected pill boxes that provide both visual and sound reminders. Forget your pill? The box will phone family members if the medication(s) aren’t taken within a specified time.
GPS Shoes GPS is now on your feet!
This is the latest GPS revolution in your feet! It will alert a caregiver if the wearer leaves a designated area.

For the Home

Universal Remote Control It's big, has light-up buttons and was recommended by Dr. Phil! Because of its size, it will be hard to lose and easy to find.

Ergonomic Reacher to make grabbing those items near you so much easier. This one comes in a choice of different lengths, has a big 5 1/2 inch jaw opening, rotates 360 degrees and can pick up something as tiny as a pin or as big as a 5 pound object!

MonoLight Table Lamp - a lamp that illuminates & magnifies. Eye-sight deteriorates with age and long-hours in front of the computer screen or television.

Grande Carafe- a drinking bottle with a built in three chamber vitamin and pill storage cap for on-the-go use

Long Handled Comb and Brush This is very helpful for those with limited reach and has a rubberized non slip handle.

Bath Tub Rail and Grab Bar  No major installation with these suction devices! Place them exactly where you want them and change their location as needed.

Robotic Floor Cleaning With iRobot get floors cleaned without bending and lifting a vacuum cleaner or broom or mop. Great for seniors and everyone else!

Bracelet Valet This is an easy to use device for putting on a bracelet that has a clasp. All ladies will enjoy the simplicity of this gadget!





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