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2017 National Mature Media Award WINNER
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An Interview with BILL CUNNINGHAM: Fashion Forecaster on Wheels

Bill Cunningham with Creativity Matters Blogger, Judith Zausner in 2014

Bill Cunningham has passed. We lost an amazing icon and fashion lost its humble advocate.

About Bill by Bill

In 2014, Fern Mallis interviewed Bill Cunningham in September, 2014 at the 92nd Street "Y" in New York City. The "Y" has graciously provided the following excerpts from the event:
In a rare interview, New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham chronicled his fascinating career documenting style through the decades. 

To close out the Fashion Icons event, the 86 year old told the packed house about the best fashion show he’d ever seen. What followed was a compelling and emotional story about the 1973 show at Chateau de Versailles that brings together a cultural movement that not only signified a new era in fashion, but also was a marker in racial equality. - See more

“If you don’t dress the inside of your head like you’ve been dressing the outside of your body, you’re in trouble.” —Bill Cunningham

During his Fashion Icons talk with Fern Mallis, New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham spoke about his legacy (or self-proclaimed lack thereof), and also offered cautionary words for the future of the fashion industry. - See more